Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Homeschool Resources

I've been browsing the web this past week, searching for curriculum for our homeschool, and I came across a ton of great free resources for homeschoolers that I wanted to share with any homeschooling readers I might have.  I tried to make it easy to browse through by breaking it down by subject.  Hope you find something that you like!

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Sheppard Software ~ Tons of fun games for preschool to 8th grade in all major subjects.


NumberNut ~ Love this site!  Explanations of math concepts and fun activities.  Elementary to advanced.  Scroll down the homepage for a tour of the website.

MathVids ~ Excellent instructional videos, especially for more difficult high school subjects.  I watched a couple of these and they are easy to understand and don't take any time to load.


Basic Cozy Spelling Course ~ Complete 30-lesson spelling course for Grades 6 thru 8.  I'll be doing one lesson per week with my 6th grader this year.

Wordsearch Maker ~ Free downloadable software for creating your own word searches.  Makes very professional looking puzzle sheets and is easy to use.  Use it with your spelling words from the Basic Cozy Spelling Course listed above!


The Science Bank ~ We will definitely be using this website this year!  Borrow science resources for free (just pay return shipping), including videos, charts, books, software, models, and even simulated dissection kits.  Something for all grades.

Columbus Zoo ~ I love Jack Hanna!  This is a link to Jungle Jack's Animal Guide.  Very fun interactive world map, great for all ages to explore!

Smithsonian ~ Speaks for itself...tons of really amazing stuff here.  I plan on letting my kids explore this site before we take them to D.C. this year to visit the museums!


A Book In Time ~ History resources and crafts.  I especially love the extensive reading lists on this site.  All ages.

American Heritage ~ Free history curriculum for K-12.  Download from their website or order a free lesson plan CD.  Donations are accepted.


smARTkids ~ An interactive website that makes art appreciation fun.  Very fun website to kids love this one!


SFSKids (San Francisco Symphony) ~ Educational and fun!  Graphics are eye-catching...try out The Music Lab!  All ages.


LetterOfTheWeek ~ Totally free complete preschool curriculums, progressing from "Preparatory Curriculum" to "Letter of the Week" to "Sound of the Week" to "Story of the Week"!  4 years of free curriculum!  Also offers free curriculum guides for higher grades, although I can't speak to this personally, as I've never used them.


CyberSmart! ~ Awesome free computer curriculum!  I will definitely be using this one throughout the year.  Click on the links to the left to access lessons by grade level or topic.  K thru 12.

I would love to hear from you if you use any of these free resources.  Tell me what you think!


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