Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lessons in Grocery Shopping

Today I went grocery shopping. What a task! I try to go on a big trip about every 3 weeks, and then half way in between I go on a smaller trip to get produce and milk. Today was my big trip and I am so exhausted! Thank goodness for my husband who took the kids to KMart while I shopped!

I got some great deals. Kroger was having their Buy 10, Save $5 deal, so I did 4 groups of 10 items and also got some other items I needed. I had to do it in two separate transactions. The first one, I spent $34.xx and saved 58%!!! The second one, I spent $95.xx and saved 35%. I usually save at least 50% on each trip, and I'm only spending between $150-$200 per month on groceries for my family of 5, including all toiletries, diapers, and pet food!

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Here are some great ways to make grocery shopping educational!  The kids learn some great lessons while you run your errands!

1. Teach them how to get the best price per unit by comparing shelf tags.

2. Compare brand name items that are on sale with generics. Most of the time, generics are just as good or better than brand name and cheaper!  But sometimes, you can get the brand name for less.

3. Show them how to figure out the percentage saved at the end of each trip.

4. Read nutritional labels.

5. Enlist your kids to help you plan balanced meals for the month based on what you bring home from your bargain shopping!

6. Fine motor skills are exercised when kids cut out the coupons.

7. Sorting and categorizing are practiced when they organize the coupons into piles.

8. Social skills are practiced at the store. Kids love to interact with all of the employees!

9. Kids get practical life skills by loading the belt with the groceries and by paying with cash. They can figure out how much to give the cashier and how much change they will get back.

10. Let your kids keep a tally on the calculator while you're shopping to make sure you don't go over your budget!

Engaging your kids in your shopping will keep them occupied in the store.  You will have less behavioral issues and the trip will go more smoothly!

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