Friday, July 25, 2008

What a Day Looks Like

I will attempt in this post to give you an idea of how a typical day might look in our home. Notice I said "might". Not all days are the same, but I do strive to stick to somewhat of the same schedule each day, Lord willing. My son thrives on consistency and routine...I'm a bit more relaxed. Okay, I admit...I'm naturally A LOT more relaxed, so I've had to learn to be a lot more disciplined for his sake!

5:00 am: Mom gets up, nurses Jack, coffee, bible reading and prayer
6:00 am: Dad gets up, Mom and Dad eat breakfast, Mom makes lunch for Dad
6:30 am: Dad goes to work, Mom unloads dishwasher, starts laundry
7:00 am: Addison gets up and eats breakfast, Mom exercises and showers
7:30 am: Benjamin gets up and does chores, eats breakfast, Mom switches/hangs laundry
8:00 am: Read from children's Bible, Bible teaching and activities
9:00 am: Free Time
9:15 am: English
10:00 am: Math
10:45 am: Free Time, Snack
11:00 am: Social Studies/History
11:45 am: Science
12:30 pm: Clean Up, Lunch
1:00 pm: Free Time
1:30 pm: Free Time, Mom's preschool time with Addison (reading, playing, puzzles, songs, etc.)
2:00 pm: Addison and Jack nap, project time for Benjamin and Mom (work on current projects such as sewing, art, music practice, writing, etc.)
3:00 pm: Typing/Computer Skills
3:30: Art/Music
4:00: Clean up, Free Time, Mom journals about the day for her records
4:30: Afternoon chores (Fold/put away laundry, vacuum, clean bathroom, trash, general cleaning)
5:00: Free Time, Mom starts dinner
6:00: Dinner
6:30: Dinner Clean-Up, Kids' time with Dad (usually helping with outside projects)
7:00: Jack's bath and dinner
7:30: Jack's bedtime, Free time for Mom (I usually blog, clip coupons, read, do meal plans, take care of errand preparations, etc.)
8:15: Addison and Benjamin's bedtime routine (showers, brush teeth, read from chapter book, read from Bible, prayers, lights out)
9:00: Ahhh...Mom and Dad time

I try to have the main subjects done before lunch, then the afternoon can be relaxed and fun. I do my major cleaning on the weekend, but our house is pretty simple so one good hour is usually enough! We run errands and visit the library one day a week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday...this saves on gas and helps us to be efficient with our time and money!

Of course, I can plan and plan...but it's all subject to God's plan for our day! I begin in the morning by asking Him to guide me and my family throughout our day. My desire is to do His will first...all else can wait! Also, if my husband asks me to do something for him, I make it a priority during my free time.

Although we pretty much school year round, our first official day of school will be August 25th this year, Lord willing. Wow, I can't believe that's a month away!

'Til next time...

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ali said...

Up at 5?! That's just crazy talk to this momma! More power to ya though, I've always admired early risers, just never been good at it myself...

'twas nice to see your name pop up on my blog again. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

Enjoy them,
ali (dawilli)