Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Beginnings!

It's great to be back in blogland! It's been a year since we left, so we decided to begin a whole new blog as a reflection of our whole new life!
Welcome to any of you who found us through our old blog at HomeschoolBlogger! We had some great friends there and we're looking forward to getting back in touch with some of you! There have been a lot of changes in our life over the past year and we will write about them here.
It is hard to believe that Benjamin will be starting 3rd grade next month! I have been busy reviewing and organizing curriculum and I'm excited about the materials we will be using this year! I'll tell you a little more about them in a future post.
In my next post, I'll tell you about our journey over the last year and how we ended up here in the beautiful, quiet mountains of West Virginia!
'Til next time...


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

You're back in blogland! Yeah! I have really missed you! You have no idea how many times I see your old blog's name in my sidebar and wonder about how.
Congrats on the new addition. How very exciting. And a move east?! Also exciting! You are so much closer to us now~ we will definitely have to try getting together.
Great to catch up with you!

Christina said...

Brandi! I can't believe Addison is TWO already!!!! And she is soooo cute! Congrats on the new baby. What a cutie!

I am glad you found my blog. I have not updated a whole lot b/c I have a bit of writer's block, I think!!! LOL!

In addition to my Perils of Parenting blog I also have an afghan blog now! Would you mind if I used your lovely comments in my testimonial section?

If you'd like to see some of my recent projects check them out at: