Monday, August 25, 2008

Love Letters - Vol. 1

Dear Benjamin,

I am so glad to have you home this morning! You spent the last week with your Nan and Pap in Pennsylvania and I have missed you so much! Even with Addy and Jack here, the house was very quiet without you. I didn't have to answer your endless questions, like "do crocodiles eat elephants?" or "can I be a farmer and a doctor and an author/illustrator when I grow up?" or "when I'm a farmer, will God help me protect my animals?". I didn't get to watch you working on your newest book (Jack and the Beanstalk) or learning how to play Chinese checkers. I'm so used to being the one to answer your questions and celebrate with you as you learn new things. It was weird to have that empty space in our home, and I'm so glad it's filled back up again with your presence!

You were so excited this weekend to find out that our chickens had begun laying eggs. Last night you were looking for eggs like it was Easter! I love to see that light in your eyes when something is new and exciting for you.

Today is your first day of third grade. Wow! I just can't believe how fast the years have flown by. I am so excited about all of the things you will learn this year. You are turning into a talented and intelligent guy, you really amaze me every day. Unfortunately, you've been sick this weekend and woke up with a 102 degree fever ~ I am praying for the Lord to make you better. I love you! Mom

Dear Addison,

This past week has been a special one for me! With Benjamin being away, I was able to spend a lot more one-on-one time with you than I normally do. It was fun, although a little tiring, to be your sole source of entertainment! You didn't like your brother being gone and filled your days with doing all of the things you normally do with him. You drew pretty pictures and the one of the cat was amazingly good for a 2 year old! I think you'll be an artist like your brother!

Your speech has become so good over the last 2 weeks and you continue to say new things every day. I love that you are communicating with me on a new level. You even said "I love you", although I didn't get your first one ~ you gave that first sentiment to Zoe! I was a little jealous, but that's okay...I'm so glad that you love her since she's my best friend!

You still won't use the potty, although you were "trained" a year ago. When Jack arrived, it really put a kink in your just aren't ready to take that step, and that's okay! You are the sunshine in my make me giggle, and you make me smile, and you make me feel like there is some hope in this crazy world! I love you! Mom

Dear Jack,

My baby boy, you are so precious! Right now, you're this little roly-poly bundle of pure sweetness! I can't help but smile and fall in love all over again every time I walk into the room to pick you up from a nap.

You are teething right now and not sleeping well. I would give anything to take your pain away. I see your frustration at being so tired but unable to rest. The long nights have been exhausting, but I love being the one to rock and soothe you through the sleeping hours. You seem to rest better in my arms. I feel so privileged that the Lord saw fit to make me your mother!

I hope your day is better today. Right now you are sleeping soundly in your crib with the fans blowing and you seem so peaceful. Maybe it's a good sign that this day will be an improvement, and maybe, just maybe, that tooth will break through! I love you! Mom

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