Friday, September 12, 2008

It's All For A Reason

Sometimes, the Lord has a way of putting us back in our place. Or, should I say, back in HIS place for us, as it seems He is doing with me right now.

I admit, my priorities have not been where they should be lately. I have spent much time in the last 2 months doing things that did not move me toward Him or fulfill His plan for me and my family. Not bad things, per se...but just not the right things. I've been selfish with my time and have not spent it where it would glorify Him and benefit my family.

Now, He has placed me securely where He wants me so that He can show me where I've been wrong. He has given me pneumonia...miserable, yes...but He knew it was the only thing that would make me STOP! He's been saying, "Slow down, stop moving, stop trying to accomplish everything and take care of everyone...take care of yourself some, too...spend some time in My Word, spend some time in quiet, meditate on the blessings I have given you...SLOW DOWN!"

Did I hear Him? Yes. Was I listening? No. It's the same thing we strive to teach our less, do less, learn to just listen sometimes! Well, I wasn' now I am because there's not much else for me to do right now!

For the last 3 days, I have focused on trying to get well. I have been eating healthier than I have in a long time...lots of fruit, vegetables, juice and vitamins...and drinking tons of water. I have been quiet...reading Scriptures and reading to my children more, praying over my family and our home, doing projects that I have been putting off because I had to actually sit still long enough to do them.

I am feeling a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I am feeling like I am in the palm of His hand and He is guiding me gently and showing me what's important in this life.

It's a wake up call, yes. And one that I am so grateful for! I needed a knock over the head. I'm sure this won't be the last one. Life has a way of throwing me off course. But for now, I'm thankful that He loves me enough to take the time to show me where I need to change.

Even if it takes giving me a bit of "the crud" to make me see!

I continue to ask for your prayers for my two younger children, Addy and Jack, that they will remain healthy and not contract this illness. They are too little to tell me when they're not well and I can't bear to see them go through this! Please pray that it will end with me.

I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to read your comments and well wishes. As silly as it sounds in this "virtual world", I have truly made some wonderful friends here!
'Til next time...


Ante Family Agrarians said...

Thanks for sharing. I too have to learn things the hard way. I have for 7 years now had a hypothyroid, and if i dont take days to slow down and just do nothing. I can be down for sometime. I don't eat like I should and am terrible about vitamins too. My husbans says I'm always taking care of every one else that I forget about myself. This isn't always a good thing. LOL!
Peace, Kris

David and Susan Sifford said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through this stuff, Brandi, and I really appreciate your perspective and attitude. I'm thankful He's using this to draw you closer to Him. May He continue to grant you strength, peace, wisdom and understanding.