Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Water Issues...

I got up this morning and ran a load of laundry, only to discover that it didn't complete its cycle because we are...once again...out of water. We thought the problem was fixed after my hubby patched the crack in the concrete cistern, but apparently not.

Luckily, we have been collecting water in soda bottles for the last couple of weeks, so I have enough to flush the toilet a couple of times. However, if the water doesn't come back soon, I may be going out to the old outhouse and fixing it up for our use!

I have one jug of drinking water and will have to have my hubby bring some home for making coffee and watering the animals. The kids and I will have to go to a friends' house tomorrow to take showers. Luckily, I'm caught up on dishes since I ran a load through last night, so we're just going to try to not use very many until our water level is back up.

I am determined that we will not have to go anywhere this time and we're going to make the best of it!

I'm curious, though, if any of you have any advice on back-up watering systems. I'm looking into rain harvesting and was wondering if anyone knows of a small, non-expensive way that we can get started with this. Our house currently has no gutters on the roof, so I know it might not be easy to implement. We're getting rain later this week and I would love to be able to catch some of it! I'm also looking into a Berkey water filter so we can drink the rainwater and use it for cooking.

Any thoughts?


Heather said...

Hmmm, you may ask Dawn of http://coloursofdawn.wordpress.com/--I know she talked about collecting rain water at some point and think she worked out a system though I am not sure.

Are you still interested in the doodle? I responded via Etsy conversation then didn't hear back so wasn't sure. (Have never used Etsy conversations before.)

Sue said...

Enjoy reading your blog very much. Sorry about the water situation and I am sure its gets to be a pain at times. My grandmother years ago used to collect rain water in a big garbage can. She put netting (from fabric store) over the top and secured it with a big piece of elastic she sewed in a ring. This way rain can still get in but bugs, leaves, etc stay out. Not sure if this will help but it could at least be used to flush, and even heated for baths. Good luck.

flossie said...

Over at http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com/search
she has alot of information. One of the things she talks about is harvesting rainwater. She started with like trash bins/plastic storage totes. Check out her website - lots of information.