Thursday, November 20, 2008

A finished project

Okay, I admit...I wasn't the one who finished them. I just couldn't quite find the time to get them done, so my wonderful MIL stepped in and finished them for me. I chose the fabrics, cut and arranged the squares, and sewed up one of the panels...she did the really, this was her project, not mine! It's just too hard with so many little ones around to do things like this! I just don't know how some of you do it!

I have 2 of these sets of French doors across the front of my house, so there are a total of 4 panels. They really soften up the front of the house and give it a real cozy feeling. Didn't they turn out pretty?



Brenda said...

I love the curtains, they're just my style! I like the patchwork pattern with those soothing earth tones. What a blessing to have an extra pair of hands to help you!

Ante Family Agrarians said...

They're beautiful!!

Brandis Mom said...

Beautiful! Way to go, Sandy! Good job with all the prep, too, Bran. I love them. Love you BIG!! Oh, and I really love all the pics! -Mom

Anonymous said...

The curtians turned out great. They are very warm and country looking. Nice!

Heather said...

Super cute!