Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fun Day

I've been struggling with how to fit all of the school subjects that we want to do into our school day. I think I've found a solution: Friday Fun Day!

My son loves science projects, art projects and crafts, music lessons, cooking lessons, computer and board games, typing, and watching educational DVD's. However, by the time we finish our core lessons (Bible, math, language arts, reading and social studies), there is hardly ever time for the "extras". So, I've decided to try dedicating Fridays to these more "fun" activities!

I think this will free up Monday thru Thursday for us to focus on the core subjects without getting sidetracked and we'll probably even get more done on a weekly basis. Then, we can relax a little on Fridays without feeling "guilty".

I would like to post on Fridays over at Homeschool Hollow about the activities we did that day, so check it out next week if you're interested! I'm also hoping to get my "Free Homeschool Fridays" posts up and running again.

So, I'm interested in hearing from do you "fit it all in"?



Anonymous said...

The Friday fun day sounds like a great idea. Anything that puts that beautiful smile on Benjamin's face is worth it!

Michelle said...

We used Managers of their home to make a workable schedule. It mostly worked out that the afternoon time was for "fun" stuff. If we dont have time and miss out on that, no biggie.

Melody Plainview said...

Hi, Brandi. I followed the link to your blog from our Book Mooch transaction (modesty). Hope you don't mind my visit.

A few months ago, we began to reserve Fridays for Science, since that's the subject that needs most focus for us. It worked for a bit, but I recently spoke with a mom who takes a couple months out of the summer to halt all other subjects and just concentrate on their most challenging subject.

We homeschool year-round, but I think we might try to take a month or two in the summer for Science instead of doing it on Fridays, because then we have at least sixty days of uninterrupted Science study.

I do think your new plan will work for you, though. You'll all be fresh-minded and enthusiastic about the end-of-week change-of-pace.