Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31st is Backwards Day!

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January 31st is National Backwards Day!  Do you know what that means in a house full of kids?  Chaotic fun!

Some of the things we are doing today:

1.  We put our clothes on inside out (the tags are annoying if you put them on backwards!)

2.  When we made our beds, we put our pillows on the wrong end!

3.  For breakfast, we had macaroni and cheese with tuna and green beans!  (I have to admit, eating tuna at 9:00 am is NOT pleasant!  And I still had to have my coffee...)

4.  We learned to spell our names backwards...surprisingly easy for the kids...surprisingly NOT easy for me!

5.  We did backwards exercising!  Backrolls, backward crab walk, walking backward through the house, backward stair climbing, jumping backwards, upside-down handstands, etc.  FUN!

6.  We played backwards Chutes and Ladders!  We started at the finish, finished at the start, went up the chutes and down the ladders!

7.  We learned about palindromes!  (mom, dad, toot, peep, Hannah)  Google it for some really amazing palindrome phrases and sentences!

9.  For dinner we are making waffles, fruit salad, and oatmeal crisp! 

10.  Tonight we will do our bedtime routine backwards...pray, read, brush teeth, wash faces, put on PJ's, lights out...not such a big deal for me, but "mixing it up" is very exciting for them!

Are you celebrating Backwards Day in your home today?

Photo courtesy of RBerteig

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