Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Perfect Day?

When a new year begins, I start to go over my days with a little more thought, trying to figure out how I could best spend my time.  What has worked over the last year?  What needs to be changed?  How can I live my life better?  Take care of my kids and husband and home better?  Can I squeeze in some time for me?  Or maybe not spend so much time on the computer? 

Yesterday, while soaking in a bubble bath during naptime, I decided to daydream a little about what my perfect day would be like.  Here's what I came up with: 

Keep in mind, this is the perfect "normal" day for real "perfect" day would involve the beach, a Mocha Latte, and Matthew McConaughy!  (hee hee)

6:00 am:  Wake up just before hubby, make coffee and breakfast, make his lunch, sit down with the Bible before he comes downstairs.

6:30:  Drink coffee and visit with hubby while he eats his breakfast, see him off to work

6:50:  Spend a little more time in the Bible and pray for the day

7:15:  Put a loaf of banana bread in the oven

7:30:  Make my bed, get dressed, brush my hair, put a little makeup on; kids wake up and make their beds, get dressed, and straighten their rooms

7:45:  Check kids' chores, change/dress babies, morning Bible time with kids

8:15:  Make scrambled eggs and fruit salad

8:30:  Slice that delicious freshly baked banana bread and eat breakfast with the kids

9:00:  Clean up breakfast and unload dishwasher from last night, re-load dishwasher, wipe down table and counters; kid's brush teeth, wash faces, and do their one special morning chore

9:30:  My 7th grader has started his independent schoolwork; Guided educational activities with the little ones

10:00:  Morning nap for the babies; continue schooling

11:00:  Snack time/short educational video; clean up morning school mess

11:30:  Play time for little ones, free time for 7th grader, computer time for Mom

12:30:  Change babies, prepare lunch, set table, dinner prep

1:00:  Eat/clean up lunch

1:30:  Read aloud (whatever book we are currently reading)

2:00:  Naptime for kids; 7th grader works on family newsletter or art project; I delve into a creative project (knitting, sewing, organizing, scrapbooking, etc.)

And then this is where my daydream ended because the kids were literally trying to climb under the door to interrupt my quiet bubble bath...sigh...

It's fun to think about what the "perfect" homeschool day would look like with 5 kids...but in reality, most days are "fly by the wind". And I don't think that's so bad most of the time...

I saw a quote on Facebook today that said this: "Being a mother means knowing that regardless of whatever else you did or didn't do, you gave the world something beautiful."

So, my dream for this new year is to relish the not worry about creating the perfect day, but to focus on creating perfect relationships with my husband, my kids and other special people in my life.

So, what are your goals and dreams for 2013?

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Amber said...

Haha. I like how you included the interruption from your kids! Thanks for enjoying the quote you saw on Facebook. It's a good one!