Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That's what Dad used to call me. He always said: "You are so stubborn...you would argue with a stump!" The name kinda stuck around awhile...and now my hubby calls me that from time to time.

I know I'm stubborn...I've become quite self-aware over the last few years and it's something I'm working on! Anyway, my father told me he had always wished a stubborn child on me so I could "get a taste of my own medicine".

Dad...you have officially gotten your wish!

Today, Addison pitched a huge fit because I took a paintbrush from her. It was one our nicer ones and those things can get expensive! Besides, if the dogs get ahold of it, it's history! So, being the nice mommy that I am, I gently took it from her and prepared to replace it with something more "fun"...like a toy...those are supposed to be fun, right? Well, apparently this "nice mommy" doesn't know that a paintbrush must be the ultimate pleasure for a 2 year old because she flipped out...I mean, totally flipped...

I kept my cool...I was very proud of myself. I gently picked her up, kicking and screaming and writhing like she was having her toes ripped off one by one...and took her upstairs to her bed. I calmly turned the fans on, closed the curtains, and told her she obviously needed a nap if she felt like she needed to act that way.

That's when she stopped screaming...

She pointed at me, looked me straight in the eyes, and said..."STUPID MOMMY"!

Well, I guess I'll take "Stump" over that any day!


Brandis Mom said...

Oh my! Well, I can still remember the first (and only time) you looked at me and shouted "MEANY MOMMY!!!" You were about 3 years old, I think. Lol! I will make sure Daddy sees this! He will smile (inside - where it counts) Don't worry, there is life beyond the screaming meemies!!

Anonymous said...

Yes they will out grow this, just in time to do something new...lol Both my boys are young men now and it seemed that they went from one phase into another. I just kept saying," they'll out grow it and grow up some day". They did. Time goes by to fast.

Haley (brandi's baby sister) said...

Ha ha :) I bet Mom and Dad are getting a kick out of this.