Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silent Sundays ~ 11/16/08

Silent Sundays

artwork by Heather

About this meme: It's all about pictures! I love to see other people's photo albums! So, Silent Sundays is a way that we can visit each other and see lots of great photos!

How to participate: Create a post on your blog with 3-5 (or more!) of your favorite photos from the past week (or from another time if you'd like)! Then, "steal" the button above and add it to the top of your post. Link the button back here to my Silent Sundays blog post. Then, sign the Mr. Linky so I know to come visit you...and others can visit you, too! You can make your post "silent" if you'd like, or you can "say" as much as you want, it's your "album", so just have fun with it!

Looking forward to visiting with you today!


First Taste of Food ~ Sweet Potatoes!

Have a blessed Sunday!



Ante Family Agrarians said...

I know Brenda at Pilgrims Path, and Debbie over at My Journey to Separation participate in this as well. If you want to check out their blogs there on my blog rolls.
Sorry I haven't participated in awhile. Sometimes my pictures take forever to upload, and get so frustrated. lol
Peace, Kris

Brenda said...

Hi Brandi!

Thank you for offering the Silent Sunday button, it's so pretty! My posts aren't always "silent", but I enjoy doing it anyway. I'm adding your blog to my list of "Worthy Blogs" :-)

Blessings, Brenda
The Pilgrim Path

poison_ivy777 said...

Ahh first's taking me back to my kids messy beginnings!

Jo Lynn said...

I know I am always a day late but I am off to put up my pictures :)

Jo Lynn