Saturday, November 1, 2008

They're Baaaaaaack!

The ladybugs, that is...

We've had several in the windows each day for the last couple of weeks, and even some on the ceilings upstairs. They have been very manageable...nothing like what I woke up to this morning! There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of them again!

I've vacuumed four times today, once upstairs and three times downstairs, and five minutes after I vacuum, there are just as many as there were when I started. I know I've vacuumed up almost a thousand just today...I lost count around 830! It's really frustrating! I tried to get a picture with my new digital camera, but it didn't really turn out all that well. I'll try to get another can't imagine how many there are unless you see them!

If you haven't read my previous posts about the ladybugs, you can find them here and here.

On a brighter note, knowing that in every "bad" situation there is something "good", I decided to try to come up with a couple of things to make light of the situation.

1. Jack is now so used to hearing the vacuum cleaner that he is no longer startled awake when it turns on and he is sleeping right through the sound.

2. My house is benefitting from the frequent vacuuming and there are no more spiderwebs or dustbunnies to be found!

3. I may just get that much-needed new vacuum cleaner when hubby gets tired of smelling dead ladybugs everytime I turn on this old one!

I hope none of you are dealing with these things, too...but if you are, please leave me a comment! I would love to know I'm not alone in this battle!



Michelle said...

LOL. We have them too. We are in OK.

Donaldson Family said...

I've been thinking about you lately as the ladybugs make it into the house by the thousands for their winter hibernation. Hope you are feeling better these days.

Take care and God bless,