Monday, January 26, 2009

For some reason, I couldn't get into my Blogger account yesterday so I wasn't able to post my Anti-Procrastination Week update. I was able to complete a good majority of the things that I really needed to get done downstairs and I got some important errands accomplished. You can look at this past week's posts to see my progress...I completed the items in red.

I've been able to maintain the things I did this week, too. My kitchen and school bookshelf have stayed clean all week. It's a lot easier when things have an established place! And how nice to come down to a clean, organized space each makes me happy!

I'm going to take this week "off" and have a normal routine, but I still have a lot to do upstairs and some smaller things to do downstairs. I think I'll set some goals for next week to do those things. So you'll be hearing more about my progress!

Later today (or maybe tomorrow, depending on how long it takes to load pictures), I want to show you a BIG project my hubby is working on and a smaller one that I am in the middle of. It's always fun to be working on new things! And maybe I'll show you the plans we have for a master bedroom addition off the back of the house. We really need some more space, the kids are driving each other crazy!

I woke up to a couple inches of fresh snow this morning, so I'll be spending the day stocking the inside wood ring, filling bird feeders, and cleaning out the henhouse and the doghouse and putting in fresh straw. I like to know they have a warm, clean, dry place to cozy up on days like this! We're supposed to get snow for the next couple of days.

Enjoy this beautiful January day!


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TAMI said...

Wow - I'm so impressed with your COLD outside chores! Hope you had some cocoa when they were all done.