Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hubby's Big Project

Guess what I will have soon? A schoolroom! Yes, a separate, all by itself, not on the dining room table, genuine, 24K gold schoolroom!!!

I didn't think we would be in it before spring, but my incredibly wonderful hubby has been working his tail off to get us in ASAP! Wanna see it? I thought you might!

Last week, I showed you this picture:

Well, this is what that space looks like now!

The new room is being built right off of our dining room and pretty, natural wood French doors will grace that gigantic opening.

This is the front corner of the room, to the right when you enter the room. My desk will sit under that single window looking out over the front yard (where the summer garden and the henhouse are). The double window looks out onto the wooded acreage of our property. The bookshelf from the first photo above will sit under it. A table and chairs for the kids will sit in the middle of the room and there will be an easel set up in the corner for painting and a corkboard on the wall above it for displaying the artwork.

This is looking to the left when you enter the room. The entire back wall (the one without the window) will be a closet. Half of it will be for jackets and extra shoes, vacuum cleaners, etc. This house didn't come with much storage! The other half will be my...drum roll, please...SEWING NOOK! I am psyched! It will have rows of shelves above for organizing fabric, patterns, supplies, books etc. and a built in table for the sewing machine. No more time wasted on getting everything out and set up, just to have to put it all away when I'm done! I will be making curtains for the opening instead of closet doors. I think that will soften the room up a bit, since I don't like drapery obstructing the views from my windows. That's one nice thing about living in the woods...bare windows!

This is looking back out to the kitchen/dining area. You can see that I had to move my newly organized shelf until it can go into the room. I was so glad that I had taken the time to clean it out and declutter since it made the adjustment so much easier! Eventually, I'm hoping to get hubby to give me bookshelves on either side of this can never have too many!

This last shot is proof that he has been busy's only been 3 weeks since he began and he's done it all on his own (except when I had to hold the walls up while he nailed them in...that was a little treacherous!). Tomorrow he plans on starting the drywall. I helped him carry in 24 sheets of 8-foot drywall this afternoon over snow and ice in big chunky that was a workout!

While hubby takes care of the big home projects, I'm working on a couple of much smaller ones. I'll post about those soon!



TAMI said...

What amazing accomplishments and blessings your husband is covering your family with. It is GOOD to be taken care of!!

Brenda said...

How great to have a separate space for homeschooling AND sewing! It will free up so much room in your dining area. The children must be excited too! What a good husband you have, and so talented, too.

Amy said...

Brandi how wonderful is this??!! Seriously, I am over here just thinking of what a wonderful gift this is to you... absolutely awesome!

Now I have to go now and repeat
"I am not jealous of Brandi"
"I am not jealous of Brandi"
"I am not jealous of Brandi"
"I am not jealous of Brandi"

Hugs.. Amy

Haley said...


I am very impressed. You need to lend Ryan to me for a week so he and Eric can do some things around our house. I'm so jealous.

I wish you guys were here! We're having a blast with Andy and Lisa and the boys. We MISS you!!!