Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday, birthday, birthday...

Yes, 3 birthdays right in a row!

First, there was Jack. He was born on April 25th. Since it was his first birthday, and our other babies were completely overwhelmed when we tried to have a "party" for them, we went simple! Here he is with his celebratory breakfast:

Pancakes with whipped cream and cherries. He promptly pushed all the good stuff off the top and just ate the pancakes! Funny boy!

Then, there were a couple of small presents:

That's big fanfare...but short and sweet with no emotional breakdowns! Happy 1st Birthday, Jack Boy!

Next, there was Addy. She was born on May 4th. Since we decided to have a joint get-together for her and Benjamin, we didn't do much on her actual birthday. But, she did get a pancake breakfast just like Jack!

Then, there was Benjamin. He was born on May 22nd. This was the day that we officially celebrated both his and Addy's birthdays. They shared a simple, gender-neutral, store-bought cake (I usually make it, but was in the middle of morning sickness!):

Then there were presents:

And as a fun bonus (and a built-in science project ~ sneaky, sneaky, huh?), the kids built a volcano!

We had much fun with friends and grandparents and were exhausted at the end of the day! Happy 3rd birthday, Addy! Happy 9th birthday, Benjamin!

(Yes, I should have posted this a month and a half ago! Catching up is hard to do...)

Until next year...


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Michelle said...

When this baby comes we will have 3 January babies...and yep, one big party or event...we dont always have parties...sometimes we go out to eat as a family and invite grandparents, or skating or whatever the birthday kid wants to do.