Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Swatches ~ 7/26/09

Sunday Swatches
(I hope to have a button made for next week!)

Sorry this is late getting posted have been taking forever to load today! Very frustrating! I'll start earlier next week...

I ended up getting a few things knocked off of my to-do list for last week. You can see some of my finished projects HERE. My photos are loading awfully slow today, so I will post more pictures of things I've completed tomorrow.

Last week was all about Pillows and Painting...this week the theme is Framing! I have pictures galore that I would love to get up on my walls. Some I will need to purchase frames for, some frames will be re-purposed or re-positioned, and I have a neat idea for some herb prints that I hope will work out.

First, I'll tell you where some of the pictures will be coming from. My friend gave me two old art boxes that were her dad's. He was an artist in New York, known for his work with Steuben Glass, but he also dabbled in other areas, such as sculpting, painting, and architecture.

This box isn't in very good shape and had a bunch of old paints and trash inside:

But this box, on the other hand, held some real treasures!

Inside, I found several beautiful, simple watercolors:

There were some great paintbrushes and a complete pack of 25 sheets of watercolor block that were purchased by the artist in Europe.

I want to frame some of the watercolors of fruits and veggies and hang them in my kitchen. A couple others might go somewhere else in my house. My friend was just going to throw them away...can you believe that? I also have an idea for the boxes themselves, but I'll have to see if I have time to tackle that project this week.

I also have this book called A Sampler of Wayside Herbs. The book itself is good reading, but there are also some beautiful prints inside.

I was going to mat and frame some of the prints, but I think I have a better idea. I'll let you know next week if it worked!

These mermaid paintings were given to me by my mom when Addison was born. They are absolutely beautiful!

They are painted by an artist named Robert Kline (Warning, for those of you concerned with modesty: Some of his work is graphic and not in the least "modest"!) from St. Augustine, Florida. I have been wanting to frame them for more than 2 years, but just haven't gotten around to it. They've been propped up in my stairwell since we moved here and now I think it's time to finally give them the proper adornment!

That oughta keep me busy this week. I can't wait to see these on my walls!

How about you? What projects do you have planned? Leave a comment if you decide to join me this week!


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