Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are back home after a week at my in-laws home in PA. It was a nice, relaxing trip but I am happy to be back in my own domain! Our water is back up and running. We initially thought that we were dry because of a lack of rain, but when my husband inspected the problem further, he discovered a large crack in the concrete around the pipe that brings water into our cistern. The water was seeping back into the ground instead of collecting in the cistern. So, he patched it and it's so wonderful to have water again!

Although I'm thrilled to be back, I'm sad to say that my two little ones are now developing fevers and coughs. I know they have finally caught the same pneumonia virus that my oldest son and I battled for the last 6 weeks. I thought we were past the point of having to worry about them, but apparently I was wrong.

I'm taking them both to the doctor this morning. Please pray that the doctor will be able to give them something that will take care of this quickly and without complications. I'm so concerned about the baby especially...pneumonia is never good in such a little body.

I will update here when I get a chance. Thank you for continuing to visit me, even though I haven't been here much. I really love hearing from you and I crave your prayers for my family!

'Til next time...


Ante Family Agrarians said...

We'll be praying the Lord grants your little ones a quick recovery, and that it not be a serious case. Glad y'all made it home safe. May the Lord also give you peace and strength to take care of your little ones. Your in our prayers.
Peace, Kris

Haley said...

Oh nooooo!!! I'm so sorry Brandi! Poor little ones. And poor you. At least you are home, though. That will make taking care of them alot easier. We're praying for you guys, stay strong.

Love, Haley